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Remarket360: Email marketing made easy

Email marketing is currently one of the most popular, effective and efficient marketing tools that are being utilized by various companies all over the globe. People opt for this kind of service because email is becoming one of the main sources of information and updates of people as well as one of the most common ways to communicate with other people.

Digital agencies have been looking at email marketing as a very effective tool too, so this is why various electronic direct mail-related services have been introduced in the market. One of the most impressive email marketing services there is Remarket360, currently offered by Scorch.

Remarket 360 - Email Marketing software

Email marketing tool - Remarket360 is a managed electronic direct mail service that caters to all those business that are interested to maximize their email marketing results in a way that complies with the best practices in the industry. The said service offers to send emails that are engaging to the customer, thus it will have a high read and action rate. The images that are sent using Remarket360 are embedded on the email so the recipient will immediately see them as they open the mail.

If you are a company that is interested to try this email marketing service but worried that it might be complicated for you, you do not have to worry. Remarket360 is definitely self-service software that is definitely user friendly. It enables the user to build and run their own email campaign on the software, based on their preference. Scorch also offers to build a template that can be used and re-used over and over again, as well as providing a managed set-up service. Through this, they can design and test email templates to ensure that the deliver ability of them are maximized in the best way possible.

However, if you do not have the time to run your own email campaign, you can just leave it to them and their team will be the ones to design the template, create the mail, or basically run the entire campaign. Setting up and integrating it on your own website can be easy too, but the company provides help to the developers if needed.



Between Computer and Hydraulic Accumulators

Ever heard of Minecraft? It’s a simple enough game where you need to break and build blocks. No it’s not your hack and slash type of game. Minecraft, in all its simplicity, can actually be addicting once you let your creative juices flow.

Players are placed in world of blocks. You’ll see forests, oceans, mountains. You’re free to explore the world and will eventually be able to build houses, swimming pools, skyscrapers, or just about anything your imagination can come up with. You can also collect resources like food, cobblestones, dirt, and crafting materials. Make haste though. Don’t be left outdoors in the dark. Monsters, spiders, skeletons, and exploding Creepers roam the lands at night. If you’re not careful, you can die and might lose the resources you just collected if you don’t respawn quickly.

You can play solo or team up via multiplayer with your friends.

Making use of the multiplayer option is what 2 computer geeks decided on. They put their brainy heads together and was able to build a working accumulator inside Minecraft. To be more specific, the 2 Minecraft geniuses built an 8-bit Redstone that can actually operate simple computations. Who would’ve thought that was possible? According to the aficionados, their Minecraft masterpiece have output operations like writing to the display, jumping to a line inside of the program, and writing to memory. Input operations include reading of user input or memory. This just goes to show how creative you can get in Minecraft.

Meanwhile, working accumulators in Minecraft may sound cool and fun, but be reminded that there are several types of accumulators—each of which have various functions and even more helpful than the ones built in Minecraft.

In engineering technology, an accumulator can be used as energy storage, shock absorption, emergency operations, and vehicle suspension, among other things. You can see how different the functions of a hydraulic accumulator are compared to computer accumulators.

To further reiterate the importance and functions of accumulators, let us cite some examples.

A hydraulic accumulator, that is always checked and kept under pressure, will prove to be an important part of the system in instances of power failure. For those not in the know, an accumulator can provide the needed pressure and continue the flow of energy taking part in the system. Hence, the machine cycle can be completed despite the power failures. Of course, this goes without saying that accumulators should be properly maintained in order for it to function at its best at all times.

As mentioned previously, accumulators can be used for shock absorption. Such a function can be described when the accumulators instantly open when they sense the beginnings of a shock wave and let this wave into the membrane and closing again. Through this process, the shock wave that was travelling through the pipes will be lessened.

On the other hand, accumulators can also prevent shocks from happening. This function they can execute when accumulators allow deceleration time for fluids. Usually, units that prevent shock waves from happening have openings that are relatively as big as the diameter of the units.

To learn more about these great tools, you may consult with accumulator companies in Melbourne such as Hydac and Boschrexroth



Ultra Efficiency and Ultra Power in a Small Package

Laptops come in different shapes, sizes, specifications and price range that it’s just crazy to look over the all the choices that we have right now. Still, there are many manufacturers out there who are keeping the competition going when it comes to high quality equipment to hit the market.

One thing in this phenomenon is the rise of the Ultrabooks. These are essentially laptops that boast good performance, functionality and design. It’s designed to have a good enough processor to take on bigger tasks when it comes to portable usage. The main thing about laptops is that they often lack the capability to process bigger work loads due to limited performance capabilities. Ultrabooks, on the other hand take on the challenge to provide users with a high powered device that can be quite portable, stylish and highly dependable. 

These kinds of new laptops usually take on the task of being up to date with the latest advancements in laptop development and manufacturing. The ultrabooks have a perceived better laptop battery life when compared to older models due to the design. They are intended to be used longer, hence, better laptop batteries to keep up with prolonged use. Aside from that, another reason that these new ultrabooks have such good laptop batteries is that the hardware sometimes most likely consume greater amounts of energy when compared with lower performance laptops from the previous years.

High powered machines equally need higher powered energy sources. All the features of those laptops would mean nothing if they can’t support the work load required by the advanced hardware and software features.

Aside from better features, work load handling and battery capability, these books have better design features that you may not normally find in subpar laptops in the market. Brought by trendsetting and innovative minds, this type of computer also comes with features such as touch screens, tablet integration and so much more. Design is also a little high off what consumers are used to since ultrabooks are giving it a twist when it comes to style and identity. Apart from the feature rich characteristic of ultrabooks is of course, the whopping price. yes, they are a bit more expensive than mid range laptops but the price really doesn’t matter that much if you’re after a quality high powered laptop for serious work and play.

You can find real good ultrabook models on the internet if you browse well enough. Just remember to see if it’ll fit your needs and specifications. Maybe all that jargon when it comes to computer specs can be dizzying but remember that all these can’t really hold well if the hardware is not that reliable. Keep in mind that higher performance means higher consumption, invest in one with a good laptop battery


Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901

Lexmark Pinnacle PRO901

The Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 looks a bit similar to the Lexmark Platinum Pro905. Both printers are meant for copying, printing, scanning, and faxing documents. The Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 sports a coloured 4.3 touchscreen. Like the Platinum Pro905, the angle cannot be adjusted, but users won't have difficulties looking at the screen.

The Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 isn't ugly to look at either. It has a black and silver colour combination, giving it a very sleek and professional look. It's not only the looks that are commendable about this printer. The touchscreen is responsive. Printing speed is fast, and ink costs are low. It even has wifi capabilities that lets users access web-based applications like Smart Solutions. Moreover, connecting between the printer and the server is fairly easy to do. You just need to look for your network, input the network's password, and you're connected!

Lexmark Cartridges

Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 offers various PC connection solutions. PC connection with this printer includes USB host,IEEE 802.11n, Ethernet 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX, Hi-Speed USB, IEEE 802.11b, and IEEE 802.11g. Also, it supports various operating systems like MS Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, MS Windows XP, MS Windows 7, Apple Mac OS X 10.4.4 – 10.5.x, MS Windows Vista (64-bit versions), Apple Mac OS X 10.3.9, MS Windows Vista, and MS Windows 2000 SP4 or later.

The printing resolution's not bad either. This printer boasts of 2400 x 1200 dpi for mono and 4800 x 1200 dpi for coloured prints. Also, a single tray can be loaded 150 sheets. An additional tray can be placed to double the paper loading capacity.

Aside from being able to save on ink, the Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 is awarded the Energy Star. This means that this is an energy efficient product. Usually, products with Energy Star ratings are 10 % to 20 % more energy efficient compared to non-Energy Star rated products. It also means that using products with the Energy Star symbol means that you are not only saving money, you are also protecting the environment. You might want to consider purchasing Energy Star-rated products. It can definitely save you some cash.


The Lexmark e260d is One Mean Printing Machine

Lexmark e260d laser printer is a budget-friendly and compact-sized printer. It can easily fit in any small space as it only measures 16 in x 15 in x 10 in.

lexmark e260d printer

Aside from its compact size, the Lexmark e260d laser printer has several other great features. For one thing, it has Quiet mode, which is perfect either for the home or office setting. This feature will come in handy when you need to focus on some other tasks besides printing your documents.
Another feature users will love about this product is that print quality is good. It features a 1200 x 1200 dpi maximum resolution. Printing speed is also acceptable at 35 pages per minute. Also, it has a fast fuser warm-up letting you print in about 10 seconds just after turning on the printer. This will also equate to saving energy—a feature that eco-conscious consumers are going to adore.

Other printing related features include the capacity to easily hold 250 sheets with just a single paper tray. This is a great feature as opposed to printers having the capacity to just hold 150 sheets of paper with a single paper tray. Next, users can efficiently print double-sided documents.

e260d cartridge

The Lexmark e260d laser printer is best for users who will be printing a high number of black and white documents, but images can also be printed on this inexpensive Lexmark product. In fact, it sports a 400mhz processor. This means that images will be printed faster due to the fast processor feature. Incidentally, you can use several types of paper with Lexmark e260d. It is compatible with card stocks, envelopes, transparencies, and plain paper.

The e260d laser printer is also compatible with several operating systems like Apple Macintosh, Linux, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Hence, you will find no difficulty setting up this printer with any operating system that is being used at home or in the office. You can also use the parallel port for connecting in case you are using older machines. On the other hand, there is also a USB port that you can use for newer machines.

Lastly, the Lexmark e260d laser printer comes with a one year exchange warranty. This will definitely come in handy on the off chance that something goes wrong with your printer.


Acer ICONIA Tablet A100: 7-inch Tablet Worth Looking At

The Acer ICONIA A501 Tablet has been reaping good and bad reviews. First off, its price range is more affordable compared to other tablets sporting similar features. On the other hand, some specifications like its battery life could do with some improvement.

Acer ICONIA a501 

Before buying an Acer ICONIA A501 tablet, ask yourself if you want the 7-inch gadget or if you’ll need a device with a slightly larger screen. If you have decided that 7 inches is the way to go, read on for a review of the Acer A100.

Let’s deal with performance first before the aesthetic design of the A100. Using this Acer ICONIA Tablet is a snap. The 7-inch gadget comes equipped with Android 3.2. You’ll see that reaction time is commendable whether you are taking photos with the camera, using some applications, or perusing the galleries. On the other hand, it looks as if resolution could do better. Colors on the screen do not look as vibrant as when seen through your own eyes.

On other features, the Acer ICONIA A501 also comes with 1 GB RAM. Not only that, it also boasts of Nvidia Tegra dual core processors. Of course, no tablet will be complete without WiFi, and Acer has made sure that the A100 carries this feature, too. As for those dependent on Bluetooth, rejoice and be merry for the Acer ICONIA 7-inch tablet also supports this feature.

If it’s GPS you’re looking for, look no more as the Acer ICONIA Tablet A100 has this and a digital compass, too! That also goes without saying that it’s got an excellent accelerometer. As for the home button, it’s easily accessible and quick to bring you to the home screen if you need to do so. On a less positive note, you could end up in the home screen button when taking photos. So watch out for that home button!

Another thing that puts us off with the Iconia Tablet A100 is that the Twisted Nematic (TN) display used sort of makes viewing a lot narrower. It could have been better if Acer used IPS screens for this gadget, too.

 As for aesthetics, the Acer Iconia Tablet A501 is not bad to look at. It has sloped edges that makes for a comfortable feeling when holding the Acer gadget. On the other hand, the texture will remind you of holding plastic. Other than that, everything seems to be A-Okay.

 Somewhere along the bottom part of the gadget, you will find several ports for the adapter, connecting dock, usb, and hdmi. At the side, there are also slots for headphones and mic. Other ports or knobs to be found are the lock switch, which you can use to lock the screen from turning; volume knobs; and it also has a space for a microSD card.

 As for the finish, the Acer ICONIA Tablet A501 comes with a glossy black finish. Expect fingerprint marks all over the front. The back portion, however, comes in a gray and silver combo that sports the Acer logo.

Overall, the ICONIA A501 is one of the best 7-inch tablets available. The price is worth what you’re getting for. However, you can also opt for larger-sized tablets that could go for a more affordable price.


Brother DCP J125 Printer Review

The Brother DCP J125 is an entry-level machine, but it still offers a good range of features, which has made these printers so popular.  The finish is  of the high-gloss black plastic that, to our way of thinking, is starting to look dated.  The flatbed scanner itself is a fairly conventional device, but the scanner lid is on extending hinges, so you can scan books as well as single sheets. Lift the whole scanner section and the USB socket is located near the front of the machine, so you have to feed the cable around inside.

The controls themselves are pretty straightforward, reflecting the comparatively simple feature-set of the machine. Set into the front face of the printer is a combined memory card slot, which can take SD, MemoryStick and xD cards, and below this is the 100-sheet plastic paper tray, a design common to most other Brother inkjets and one which always feels a little flimsy. This particular tray doesn't have a photo tray set into its lid, so to load photo paper you have to first extract the cartridge and remove any plain paper that’s loaded.

Our five-page black text print achieved a speed of 2.9ppm and in draft mode it rose to 9.1ppm. The 20-page document produced a speed of 3.2ppm and the black text and colour graphics test gave 2.6ppm. Even taking the draft mode test and reducing it by the 15 seconds it takes the DCP-J125 to process the data before starting to print, still only gives a top speed of 16.7ppm, just half the claimed speed.

A single-page colour copy took a reasonable 43 seconds and a 15 x 10cm photo on an A4 page took 3mins 17secs at the highest print quality. At normal print quality, it still took 3mins 3secs, though, which is slow compared with all the competition.

Black text print quality is fair and in normal use, it would be perfectly acceptable. In comparison with machines from most of the other makers, it's not quite as sharp or as lacking in ink spread, though it still beats most Epson prints. Fast, draft mode print is quite faint and shows some misalignment between successive passes of the print head.

Colour graphics are smooth and fairly well-saturated, though colours could be a bit brighter. This is especially true with a colour copy, which came through in very insipid colours, compared with direct prints.  Photo prints are reasonable, with lighter colours well-reproduced, but dark ones tend towards black, a reasonably common failing with less expensive inkjets.


This Brother printer represents better value for money then several others in the same range and does well against similarly priced rivals from other makers. It's cheap to run for an entry-level machine and while it doesn't produce the best quality print and is certainly not the quickest, it does have a good range of facilities at a very affordable price.


PowerReviews vs. BazaarVoice

I had a chance to sit down with my friends Robert Chea and Andy Chen, the two original founders of Fogdog, now onto their next adventure, called PowerReviews. PowerReviews provides retailers a turnkey solution for managing consumer product reviews, it’s tagged based and requires almost no work from IT to get up and running. They compete with BazaarVoice, founded by Brett Hurt, who left Coremetrics last year (he was one of the three founders there).

From what I can tell it’s a close tie as far as technology, quality of services, IP, even funding (though PowerReviews has 50% more capital than BazaarVoice, $6.2M vs $4M) - but the market approach is radically different. If you want to see Web 2.0 collide with Web 1.0 - then read this:

- BazaarVoice charges a few thousand dollars/month. I suspect ASP to be ~$40-50K/year based on conversations I’ve had with my former Fireclick clients
- PowerReviews is FREE

- BazaarVoice is positioned at the top of the pyramid serving reputable retailers (CompUSA,, etc)
- PowerReviews’ targets the long tail - so to speak (they actually have top retail properties signed up)

And now the real kicker… PowerReviews aggregates all the product reviews it’s getting from the “long tail” retail sites, and features these back to consumers through, to be launched later this year. Andy and Rob want to be the reference site for product reviews - and monetize the traffic through CPC programs similar to PriceGrabber or WOW.

I was commenting the other day on how different it is to start a business like Perenety in 2006 compared to my experience with Fireclick in 1998. Here’s another incarnation of that fact. Andy and Rob could have decided to charge for PowerReviews and compete with BazaarVoice with traditional, entreprise software rules. After all, this is a new market and there are plenty of customers out there for both companies to thrive. Not to mention PowerReviews has the tech, the talent, the experience and the backing (obviously). Rather, Andy and Rob decided to disrupt a business that doesn’t even exist yet.

Still, I think we’re up for an interesting battle since this market it too new to call for a winner yet.

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The strongest possible foundation

For years I’ve been evangelizing Web analytics to retailers, content sites, and even software companies (I founded a Web analytics company called Fireclick, acquired by Digital River in 2004). And even though more and more people now understand the value of Web analytics - there are lots of online businesses out there that consider Web analytics to be a second priority.

Interestingly enough, I too had my “why do I need Web analytics now” a few weeks ago, for Perenety. Consider all the issues related to the formation of a startup - product, technology, funding, marketing, etc. It’s not too hard to understand why Web analytics is a second priority for some, at least for the first 2 or 3 years of operation. Being a pragmatic kind of guy, I wasn’t going to sink hours into Web analytics “just because” - and I needed a strong case for having Web analytics on my radar. And truth be told, being in the consumer software business, we don’t need sophisticated analytics because we only have one product we’re going to market with 5 or 6 pages on our site, max. On the other side, our marketing budget is essentially zip so we have to be very focused, and make sure these 5 or 6 pages are fully optimized.

Do we need or not need analytics. I do not have the final tactical answer yet. i.e., are we going to be looking at these reports and making decisions everyday. Not sure. But I have a strategic answer. We are building a product that will be used by millions of people, 98% of them living “East of the Silicon Valley hills”. It’s critically important for us to reach out to our users in Arkansas, New York or Italy, and find out what’s in their minds - because THEY are the customers. Not our employees, not our VCs, not our family and friends. And for that, we need need to test different marketing messages, measure their impact, and adapt - almost in real-time.

So, Web analytics? Absolutely. Integral part of our company culture, and the strongest of foundations.

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Startup 2.0

Starting a new business is a lot easier now than back in 1998, when I started Fireclick. Set aside the fact that I have more experience, the cost of doing business is nowhere near what it used to be. A few examples:
- Phone and internet: today you can really good office connectivity for $75/mo, with VoIP limiting your bills to $50-70/mo for a 6-8 people office (we use Asterisk, the open source PBX for phone switching).
- Office rent: costs are about 40% of 1998-2000’s (Silicon Valley)
- Marketing costs: this won’t be of any surprise to anyone, but all the pay-for performance marketing programs, getting in front of your prospects is more a science than an art.
- Outsourcing: there are now lots of options for Web site development, specific engineering projects, QA, Operations. Non-mission critical tasks are easy to outsource for cheap.

Clearly there are exceptions (medical insurance costs, local Silicon-valley wages, etc), but overall, things have changed, big time. Entrepreneurs are the big winners here, since they need less capital to get off the ground.

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